Transit cargo clearance

The placement of goods and vehicles transported across the customs border of Turkmenistan under the customs procedure of customs transit is carried out through the information system “ASYCUDA World”.

To obtain a permit for customs transit, the carrier or forwarder shall submit the following documents to the customs authority of departure:

-Transportation (carriage) document (CMR, air waybill, railway waybill, bill of lading, etc.);

-Commercial document (invoice, proforma invoice)

-Packing (shipping) lists

-Certificate of origin of goods (certificates of the form ST-1, ST-2, “A”) or declaration of origin of goods;

-Certificate of quality of goods

-Permissions, licenses, certificates and (or) other documents, if necessary, confirming compliance with the restrictions for the movement of goods across the customs border of Turkmenistan, established by the legislation of Turkmenistan.